Page 7 - 7 exercises for 7 days
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         1 MIN JUMPING JACKS                    EXERCISE:
         1 MIN RUN IN PLACE                   3 SETS OF 10 REPS,
         1 MIN KNEE-UPS                     WITH A 10-SEC
         1 MIN SQUAT JUMPS                BREAK IN BETWEEN
         1 MIN BUTT KICKS

                    6            SATURDAY

                                 RAISED PRESS-UPS

                     Place your hands on an elevated surface with your arms
                     straight and hands directly below your shoulders. Walk

                     your legs out behind you until in the press-up position.
                     Your body should form a straight line from head

                     to heels. Brace your abdominals and lower
                     your body until your chest nearly touches

                     the box or bench. Don’t let your hips
                     sag at any point. Pause at the

                     bottom, and then push your-
                     self back to the start posi-

                     tion as quickly as possible.
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