Page 5 - 7 exercises for 7 days
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         1 MIN JUMPING JACKS                    EXERCISE:
         1 MIN RUN IN PLACE                   3 SETS OF 10 REPS,
         1 MIN KNEE-UPS                     WITH A 10-SEC
         1 MIN SQUAT JUMPS                BREAK IN BETWEEN
         1 MIN BUTT KICKS

                    4             THURSDAY

                                  STRAIGHT LEG CRUNCHES

                     Place a weighted soft object
                     onto your feet, with your hands

                     behind your ears. Using the
                     strength in your arms and your

                     abs, lift your shoulder blades off
                     the floor; they should remain

                     above the ground for the
                     remainder of the exercise. While

                     holding your legs, contract your
                     abdominal muscles and lift the

                     chest up towards the ceiling.
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