Page 2 - 7 exercises for 7 days
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         1 MIN JUMPING JACKS                    EXERCISE:
         1 MIN RUN IN PLACE                   3 SETS OF 10 REPS,
         1 MIN KNEE-UPS                     WITH A 10-SEC
         1 MIN SQUAT JUMPS                BREAK IN BETWEEN
         1 MIN BUTT KICKS

                    1           MONDAY

                                CHAIR DIPS

                     Place a sturdy chair in an open

                     space. Start with your arms fully
                     extended. Adjust your feet so your

                     heels are a couple of inches in front
                     of your knees. Bend your elbows to

                     lower your body towards the floor.
                     Point your elbows directly behind

                     you but do not let them flare out to
                     the sides. Stop when your elbows

                     are at a 90-degree angle and press
                     back up, straightening your arms.
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